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Your engine's components have to move in order to get you to your destination. However, in doing so, there's friction between them, which can wear them down, and even result in an overheated engine. Synthetic oil minimizes this friction, keeping your engine protected and running smoothly. If you want to know when you should change the oil in your vehicle so it can keep performing as expected, continue reading.

How to Tell if You Need an Oil Change and When to Use Synthetic Oil in Eva

  1. Firstly, if you notice that you've driven around 3k miles since your last oil change, it may be time to replace it once more. Still, know that this depends on your vehicle, the use you give to it, and its condition.
  2. When you first acquire the oil for your engine, it's easy to see that it has a light brown tint to it. With time and use, the oil gets dirty and turns black. If the oil in your vehicle is dirty, change it.
  3. It's also a good idea to replace your oil around the 1 year mark since its last change. If you've forgotten when you changed it last, start writing the dates down to keep track of your oil changes.
  4. Not only does the oil need to have a certain color to ensure its proper functioning; it should also be at the required levels. Inspect the oil in your vehicle and refill it if necessary.
  5. If you notice that the "check engine" sign starts lighting up in your dashboard, don't ignore it. Try changing the oil to see if this fixes it. If not, take it to a professional.
  6. Finally, it goes without saying that you should pay attention if your engine starts jumping around or making noises. Again, replace the oil to fix the problem. Still, it's in good sense to take it to an auto shop.

For the Best Synthetic Oil in Eva

Using the right products, such as AMSOIL's synthetic oil in Eva, can help ensure that your engine will stay in perfect condition. Contact Michael Bradford at Bradford Synthetics in Eva for more information on (256) 221-4481. In the case your engine fails, we know that such an emergency is never fun. However, it happens when you least expect it, which is why it's a good idea to have everything you may need nearby to deal with it properly. This is why, in this rest of this article, you'll find a few tips on what items you should have in your vehicle, so you can handle those stressful situations appropriately.

What to Keep in Your Vehicle

The Tools

Your vehicle and its components may breakdown when you're on the road. For that reason, it's crucial that you keep a few tools in your vehicle: a spare tire, jumper cables, tire jack and iron, coolant, among others.

An Emergency Kit

You never know what kind of emergency you'll be facing in your vehicle: you may be stranded, injured, etc. To be safe in them, have an emergency kit (first aid kit, water, food, a cell phone, flashlight, blankets, and a fire extinguisher) in your vehicle.

Crucial Documents

Information is power, which is why you should keep certain valuable documents in your vehicle. For example, keep the insurance papers, your vehicle's registration, your owner's manual, and the contact information of relatives, authorities, or a mechanic, nearby.

The Extras

Finally, you can also keep a few extra items in your vehicle to deal with other common situations. For instance, having emergency cash, tissues, hand sanitizer, an umbrella, or a change of clothes can be a lifesaver if the situation calls for them.

For the Best Synthetic Oil in Eva

Trust in AMSOIL's synthetic oil in Eva to ensure that your vehicle and engine stays in the best shape possible. Contact Michael Bradford at Bradford Synthetics in Eva for more information on the benefits that AMSOIL and its high-quality products can bring. Call Us Today at (256) 221-4481

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