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Choosing the right products to use in your vehicle can make a huge difference in its performance, its maintenance, and its lifespan. This is why, in this post, you'll find some information on the differences between synthetic and conventional/regular oils. Hopefully, this can help clear a few doubts you may have on the subject, and guide you in making the right decision for your vehicle.

Synthetic and Conventional Oils

They're Not Created Equally

The process each of these oils undergoes is completely different to begin with. For instance, regular oils are made from crude oils and a mixture of other chemicals that could sometimes lead to it being contaminated. On the other hand, synthetic oils are commonly made from alcohol and gas, with which you can rest assured that they are free of pollutants.

They Don't Perform the Same Way

Of course, since they're not made from the same materials and don't follow the same process, they don't deliver the same results. Synthetic oils have a higher viscosity index, which means that they will keep your engine well-lubricated and properly maintained for longer and through harsher temperatures, than conventional oils would.

Minimize Wear on Your Engine

The condition and wear on your engine relies greatly on its ability to perform optimally with constant and comprehensive lubrication. When friction does occur it causes your engine parts to grind together causing damage and resulting in excessive wear. Synthetic oil molecules are uniform, so they slide against each other and your engine parts more easily. This makes sure that your entire engine is protected from friction and rust. Molecules in synthetic oil are also smaller and lighter, requiring less energy to move inside your engine. As a result, your engine uses less fuel.


Synthetic oils contain additives for almost any purpose - alkaline additives to neutralize acid build-up in diesel engines, engine cleaning additives, additives that prolong viscosity endurance - you name it, there is a synthetic oil with the additive. Look for the Total Base Number (TBN) for the total amount of additive in your motor oil. The higher the number, the more additives your oil has, and the longer it will last.

They Affect Your Economy Differently

The price tag on conventional oils may be lower. Still, if you think about it, if you invest in synthetic oils, you'll be more financially-conscious overall. This is because synthetic oils protect your vehicle better, don't need to be changed as often, and may even reduce the maintenance costs for your vehicle. In the end, it's the more economic alternative of the two.

A Greener Product

Synthetic oil is cleaner for the environment in many ways. First, it avoids all the hazards of oil drilling, refining, and transporting because it can be made in a laboratory. Second, less dirty oil is deposited into the environment since you do not need to replace it as often. And finally, it burns more efficiently, reducing emissions.

For the Best Synthetic Oil in Arab, AL

If you're in need of the most effective synthetic oil in Arab, AL, trust in AMSOIL's high quality products. They'll be able to keep your car running smoothly, even through extreme temperatures. Call (256) 221-4481 to contact Michael Bradford at Bradford Synthetics in Arab, AL for more information on how AMSOIL can help you save time and money. You can also shop online now!

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