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Driving on the road requires that you perform basic car maintenance checks and that  you are physically prepared. This way, you will have a perfect road trip over the sumer. For this reason at Bradford Synthetics in Eva, AL, we would like to tell you about some useful ideas to summerize your vehicle.

Remember These Ideas before Your  Road Trip

Check the Cooling System

The hot weather can also increase considerably the temperature of your engine, which can lead to breakdowns; that's why your cooling system should be working perfectly. Check the coolant and oil levels and remember to change these fluids according to you car's maintenance schedule.

Inspect Your Tires

Examine your tires visually as it will help you notice any unusual wear, cracks or sidewall bulges that can become a safety threat, especially during the rainy season. Remember to inflate your tires properly, which will reduce the rolling resistance of your vehicle and improve your fuel economy.

Other Details 

Make sure that your air conditioning is working perfectly to beat the heat. Also, check the condition of the windshield blades, as they are crucial to remove dirt and insects that can compromise your visibility. Lastly, check that your lights are working properly, especially if you are night driving. Now that your car is in perfect condition, make sure that you are also ready. Remember to adjust your mirrors, follow the traffic signs and have enough sleep, this way you will a safe trip and prevent any potential accidents.

Synthetic Oil in Eva, AL

Lubricating the moving parts of your engine is one of the main functions of your motor oil, however you have to make sure it won't lose its viscosity during the warm summer temperatures. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Eva, AL, think about Bradford Synthetics, where  you will find the AMSOIL product you need. If you wish to place an order, please visit our website or call (256) 221-4481.

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